Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The adventure begins...

We flew to Munich via British Midland Regional in a cigar tube with wings. Not an airline that I can, in all honesty, recommend. Overnight in Munich, close to the airport, a perfect flight with Lufthansa, who really understand customer care and encouraging repeat business, and a second hotel night at Denver.

Then collected and taken to meet our home and transport for the next six weeks.

32 feet long, 13 feet high and 10 feet wide over the mirrors. Powered by  V10 petrol (gasoline) engine and built on a truck chassis. For two people, it was to be extremely spacious and comfortable. It was also brand new with just delivery miles on the clock. Was this a "good thing"? For a six week hire, probably not as we quickly discovered that the build quality was not quite what you would expect for something that had a list price in excess of $100,000. We came back with a "snagging list" a page long.

Our first night took us to the outskirts of Denver, a State Park built around a reservoir. It took us just minutes to set up: mains power and water connected and slide extended. We didn't bother with the sewer connection, but it was there if needed. Each pitch had a concrete pad, a grass lawn and picnic table. 

Within easy walking distance was the lake.

Next morning, we started our drive higher into the Rockies.

the Route from Chatfield to La Veta

Our Park for the night was "Circle The Wagons" in the small town of La Veta. A small park in a one street town with exceptionally friendly owners. Just one thing to be careful of: we are now in BEAR COUNTRY - and they are not necessarily friendly, cuddly creatures like Yogi and Boo-Boo just out to steal your pick-er-nick basket, they are large vicious critters who can kill!

La Veta - a small, one street town high in the Rocky Mountains

The only "critters" we saw at La Veta were deer. Venison for dinner?

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