Monday, 10 July 2017

Is it REALLY that long?

My reader must have thought that I had abandoned by blog. OK... I'll let you into a little secret - lots of things have changed in the past few years since I last posted something.

First, we moved house. Then we spent a good 18 months transforming the wreck of a house that we bought int something that we both liked. Why did we buy the house? POTENTIAL! And the price was right, considering the coast we were going to incur in getting it how we wanted. We thought that as long as the rooms are the right size and in the right place, we can put right 25 years of neglect.

One of the prerequisites for the new house was a double garage for the two classic cars.  So, not long after buying the house with the perfect large extra height integral  heated double garage, what did I do? I sold the two cars and defected to a modern sporty number, namely a Mercedes Benz SLK250. The diesel sports car that will still do around 150mph, I am told and gets to 60mph faster than the TR6 could ever do, but still does over 50 miles to the gallon. It makes sense to me...

There have been holidays and changes to what I loosely describe as "work". First big change is that both the magazine Editorships have been handed on and I am now a published author. And officially retired.

That sounds rather grand... A "published author"... Two titles last year and three new works in preparation. More on these in due course, I am sure.

We've just returned from a six week trip to the US. What started as a "route 66" idea turned into a longer trip around the southwest US in a monster RV. Over the next few days and weeks, I'll post some updates on our trip as I've been asked by many to do. Watch this space!

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