Monday, 25 March 2013

Not been here for a while!

It has been a little while since the last post. So lets bring things up to date a little.  In September, we went to France in the TR for the "Circuit des Remparts" event at Angouleme, followed by a few days touring around the Dordogne. Here's the trusty little car parked outside our hotel close to Angouleme.   The event at Angouleme is based on a street circuit, with the vintage cars being the prime attraction - Bugattis, MGs and various others hairing around a tight street with not much more than straw bales for protection.  Here's a Riley... 

The event also includes a very well organised touring assembly. We caught these as they returned and snapped off a few (hundred) pictures.  Here's a few.  You can work out for yourselves what the cars are - they aren't difficult!

and finally to finish this section, a view of the city centre in Angouleme

The next few are around the Dordogne


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