Monday, 25 March 2013

Do you fancy a job?

Some will know that I was lucky enough to escape form the world of the wage slave some years ago at a young age and fall into the less secure world of self employment and freelancing. The problem has always been that most of my freelance self employment is either voluntary or doesn't generate much in the way of income.

As well as editing two classic car magazines, one for the Triumph 2000 Register ("SIXappeal" - be careful how you spell it) and the other for the TR Register ("TR Action"), I've been involved with the bus museum in Portsmouth for many years as a volunteer doing restoration work (allegedly) and the odd spot of driving, being a master of the crash gearbox.

Time pressures being what they are and wishing to actually have some of the time to myself that people seem to think I have plenty of, I managed to offload the committee responsibilities from the bus museum by coming last in an election.  Planning one's exit is always the most difficult thing about these societies.

Anyway....  a few weeks ago, I received an email out of the blue from a news stand (ie paid for) magazine. From the editor, no less.  The gist of it being "would I be interested in becoming an occasional contributor for them?"

So if you read the classic car press, look out in the future as my stuff may be appearing

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