Monday, 13 August 2012

Stars of stage and screen (well, almost!)

Having a connection with the local bus museum collection sometimes brings up some interesting opportunities.

A few weeks ago, we had an enquiry from a TV production company who were interested in finding a classic bus of the type that would have been in service at the end of the War. 

It so happens we have a genuine 1941 Bedford OWB "utility" bus, but it's off the road for some engine repairs at the moment.  The story required a typical "country bus" and as it turned out, one of the other vehicles was suitable as it is of a type that was in use in the period.
Ann and I found ourselves roped in as extras and last Monday set out with Clive driving and Brian "conducting" for a day's TV production work at Manor Farm in Hampshire.

The finished results can be seen on BBC2 later in September and we will be in the final episode. But don't blink, or you'll miss us!
Ann shows off her 1940's Country Lady look

Chatting between takes
Ann looks quite the part in the tweed jacket and hair done up in a scarf!

However, the star of the show has to be "Henry", the border collie. We thought he was a stage dog, but he's the sound recordist's pet!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Classic Silverstone

After the "comforts" of Classic Le Mans, we thought we'd do Silverstone in a bit of comfort, particularly as the forecast was for a bit of mud. Hence the new "komfy kamping" tent...
Proper sewn in groundsheet, under groundsheet and rugs on the floor! Plus a king size airbed

Here's a few pictures from the 700 plus taken at the event: (clicking on any picture will open them all up full size in a gallery format)
Practice session on Friday
Aston Martin DB6 (I think - it could be a 5)

I'm pretty sure the red and blue cars are Marcos GT's

We know what this is! TR4 attempting to pass an Aston

Classic Formula 1

Friday afternoon shift change at Dagenham, circa 1965

...and we thought the idea was to drive on the circuit!

Cortinas, Alfa and BMW 1800s round CLub corner

....hotly pursued by Mini Coopers

A very pretty Alfa Giulietta, I think?

Jaguar, C type I think, but could be a Lister


Could only be a Jaguar D type


On Saturday, we were treated to a wing walking display. Not totally sure why it is called wing walking as they appear to be securely attached

Followed by a few more pictures of cars

Big Healey

TR4 again

Escort. I had one of these, once - but mine was a humble 1100 deluxe

Aston and 250 GTO racing for real

Another 250, this time racing an E type

Alfa Romeo

and ANOTHER! 250

and another. We stopped counting the car values in this race at £50 million

Aston Martin DB2

Here's a rare one (foreground) - a Jensen
Finally,  we see the parade of Ferrari F40's to celebrate 25 years of the model's introduction. You can have any colour you like as long as it is red! Breakdown services for the weekend were provided by the AA in conjunction with Trotters Independent Traders

Classic Le Mans

Last month I was intending to take the TR6 to Classic Le Mans. It wasn't to be as at the last minute I found a coupling in the steering had perished and so at the last minute, the 2000 stepped in as a substitute transport. Had I been thinking straight, this would have created the opportunity to take the "comfy camping" gear with me. But it didn't!  So here's a picture of the tiny £10 tent, plus small gazebo set up at Maison Blanc on the Thursday before the main event started.

The tent is slightly shorter than I am tall and just a little wider than a single airbed. Space is, as they say, at a premium! Two years ago in the scorching heat, it was fine but in this years mixed weather, it was a bit cramped.  To resist the temptation of using it again, it went into the skip! So at less than £2 per night camping, I can't complain, can I?

Friday was a day spent wandering around the village, looking at cars and sampling the beer. It would have been rude not to! A lot of the cars were under cover as a result of the rain - but here's a few...
To the right is a slightly potty looking Bentley and left a Zegato bodied Alfa Romeo

And below here, we found a Ferrari 365 Daytona.  There's a very strong David Bache influence in the design of the Daytona - looked at from the right angle, you can see a definite influence from the Rover 3500 SD1 - particularly from the front angle. Some say that it's the other way round of course...

Those who have seen "Cars" will easily recognise this next one - a Hudson Hornet, two-time winner of the "Piston Cup"
And to finish this section, a selection of pictures from the racing. The fencing at Le Mans is a challenge for photography unless you can get an official photographer's permit. But in view of what happened in 1955, you can well understand the need for caution...

Porsche 917, I think
Talbot 105

Talbot 105

Not sure what these are, other than blue cars...

Bentley or Lagonda - not sure

Night racing

Porsche 911

BMW 635, I think?

Probably a Renault, judging by the logos!

Ford Capri 3100RS