Monday, 13 August 2012

Stars of stage and screen (well, almost!)

Having a connection with the local bus museum collection sometimes brings up some interesting opportunities.

A few weeks ago, we had an enquiry from a TV production company who were interested in finding a classic bus of the type that would have been in service at the end of the War. 

It so happens we have a genuine 1941 Bedford OWB "utility" bus, but it's off the road for some engine repairs at the moment.  The story required a typical "country bus" and as it turned out, one of the other vehicles was suitable as it is of a type that was in use in the period.
Ann and I found ourselves roped in as extras and last Monday set out with Clive driving and Brian "conducting" for a day's TV production work at Manor Farm in Hampshire.

The finished results can be seen on BBC2 later in September and we will be in the final episode. But don't blink, or you'll miss us!
Ann shows off her 1940's Country Lady look

Chatting between takes
Ann looks quite the part in the tweed jacket and hair done up in a scarf!

However, the star of the show has to be "Henry", the border collie. We thought he was a stage dog, but he's the sound recordist's pet!

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