Thursday, 6 September 2012

Simply Classics - another day at Beaulieu

Another excuse for a day at Beaulieu! This time, it didn't rain. We had arranged a large display of Triumph TRs at Beaulieu on August Bank Holiday Sunday as part of the "Simply Classics" event. The TR Register office very kindly allowed us the use of two significant cars - TS2, the first right hand drive TR to be built and the "Coke Car", one of 3 TR7s given away as prizes in the late 1970's. These cars were totally mad - fixed head 7s, repainted in Coca Cola red with white stripes and the interior refitted in blue denim in the style of a pair of Levi Jeans, complete with back pocket patches.  Originally fitted with air con and a fridge in the boot to keep your bottle of coke cool.

Anyway...  here's a picture of TS2 at Beaulieu

And the Coke car with me sat in the driving seat
There were a few other nice cars to be seen - thanks to everyone who came from all over the South-West of England (and Wales) to join us
First, we have a very good example of a TR6 - and a model close to the end of production

and then a couple of shots (above) of just a few of the cars on show